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“Photography is a love affair with life.”

— Burk Uzzle, 1938 —

I love life. I love the little, individual moments that make up each bigger moment. I love the little laughs, the little looks, the little whispers that give life to life. And even more, I love capturing these moments—freezing these experiences into a frame to be brought to life once again by your memories.

Photographing a wedding is about more than just capturing the small details. It’s about giving a voice to your love, giving a voice to your story together—your ups and your downs and your trials and your joys. It’s about capturing the awe in his eyes as she walks down the aisle, the tear down her father’s cheek as he gives her away, the pride on his mother’s face as she dances one last dance with her son. I love love, and I love capturing the love that others share so that, even years down the road, they may relive their beginning together.

There’s just something so meaningful about being invited into the secret moments of a couple’s big day, about standing behind the closed doors with them, watching it all unfold. It’s a precious experience, and one I feel honored to take part in. I realized on my own wedding day how important it was to have those special moments captured, and it is my aim to ensure that yours are.

And then there’s photographing you—you with your significant other, your children, your extended family and friends, or even just you alone. It’s about giving a voice to the power of individuals and the love shared with those around you—the inside jokes, the knowing glances, and the history you have created. It’s about encapsulating some of the most precious people in this world together in a single frame.

My name is Kachi Mozie, and this is why I do what I do.

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